Last update: 21-apr-21

Come and immerse yourself in everything Lusitano

Interagro Lusitanos is proud to be hosting the 2012 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction in Itapira, Brazil, about an hour and a half from the bustling Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Featuring a hand selected group of Lusitanos offered at auction, the 2012 Lusitano Collection gives buyers and Lusitano enthusiasts an unparalleled glimpse into the Interagro operation and brings the heritage of the modern Lusitano to life.

The 2012 Lusitano Collection will be returning Interagro Lusitanos in Brazil, which hosted the event in 2004 and 2005. We invite you to select your Lusitano from amid the rolling tropical landscape of Itapira, and to experience the unique equestrian culture of Interagro, where the Gonzaga family has preserved the purest bloodlines from the breed�s native country of Portugal. Interagro�s experienced team of trainers, breeders, international riders, and veterinarians have collaborated to choose the most promising young horses for the 2012 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction. Each Lusitano is evaluated for its movement, temperament, and potential for competitive endeavors. In addition, each guest will be able to experience an individual horse�s living pedigree: the sire, dam, and related horses that live, train, and continue the Lusitano legacy at Interagro. Guests will enjoy Brazilian culture and entertainment while test riding and selecting their Lusitano, followed by the auction itself. The picadero, or indoor arena, at Interagro is transformed; elegance and equestrianism meet, creating the atmosphere of an upscale gala centered around the magnificent Lusitanos presented at auction. Sip exotic wines, enjoy Brazilian cuisine, and feel the rhythm of the samba as one horse after another is auctioned off to their new owners. During the days leading up to the auction, guests are encouraged to enjoy a carriage ride or trail ride through Interagro�s acres of lush tropical landscape, where monkeys leap through the trees. Take in Brazilian vistas of rolling green hills where young Lusitanos graze, or visit the neighboring village of Holambra, known for its tulips and Dutch bakery. The opportunities are as endless as the history, landscape, and unique equestrian culture of Brazil.

The Lusitanos presented at the 2012 Lusitano Collection are carefully observed and evaluated at every stage of their development, from halter training to trailering. Interagro brings each of its young horses along slowly as they begin their training, following longstanding techniques to ensure the horses� confidence and correct development. Interagro�s riders, some of which are third generation Interagro employees, begin the under saddle work and closely follow classical dressage principles. Only horses with the maturity, athleticism, temperament, and potential for FEI level endeavors are selected to participate in the Auction. Guests have the opportunity to test ride the horses before the auction as well as view up-to-date veterinary records including recent X-rays. All of the Lusitanos will also meet international export requirements, and all exportation paperwork will be handled at the auction by a team of professionals.

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