Mito Lusitano
Breeder: Coimbra Barbosa
Owner: Coudelaria Mito Lusitano

Tag 18
Violão CB
DOB: 4/May/2002
Height: 1.62m / 15.3¾h

Dam: Diversa (MAC)

Bred by “Coimbra Barbosa” from Manuel Coimbra's family. Horse with excellent sport abilities.

Trainer’s opinion: Violão is an elegant young horse. He is calm enough for any level of rider- yet sensitive and responsive to aids. He wants to please his rider and is eager to work. Three lovely and correct gaits and good balance make him highly suitable for dressage. His range of movement and flexibility are extraordinary. Violão is strikingly beautiful. His curious and friendly personality in the stable will make him a favorite wherever he goes.

Veterinarians to be consulted: Dr. Irineu Palmeira (BRA) and Dr. Sheila Lyons (USA)







Photo by Johnny

Photo by Dr. Sheila Lyons

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