Collection 2005

These are the horses offered at The 2005 International Lusitano Collection® at Interagro’s facilities in Itapira, São Paulo, Brazil, in July 25th to 30th.

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Quiprocó Interagro
Sandokan (MAC)
Sol do Vouga
Taberneiro do Vouga
Tenor da Brôa
Trinco Interagro
Ultimato Interagro
Ultrajado Interagro
Uno do Vouga
Util da Brôa
Valerius Interagro
Valete Interagro
Volturno Interagro
Velasco Interagro
Verdugo OR
Verdugo Interagro
Versejador Interagro
Vinho do Vouga
Virtuoso do Vouga
Vocabulário Interagro
Voluntário Interagro
Votan Interagro

Vinha do Vouga
Xama do Vouga
Xarola do Vouga