Collection 2008

These are the horses offered at The 2008 International Lusitano Collection® on March 5th to 7th, 2008 at The International Polo Club – Wellington, FL – USA.

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Zalene Interagro

Zamorana Interagro

Zinfeta Interagro

Vindima Interagro

Xampu Interagro

Xantel Interagro

Xazan Interagro
Xerife Interagro

Xisto Interagro

Xorro Interagro

Xotogan Interagro
Zampano Interagro

Zefirelli Interagro

Zigoto Interagro

Zino Interagro
Zippo Interagro

Zodíaco Interagro

Zola Interagro

Zulu Interagro

Zerbino Interagro

Gelding - sold after the auction

Atlântida do Vouga

Admirável do Vouga

Alabastro do Vouga

Arrimo do Vouga
Aventureiro do Vouga

Xairel do Mito

Zap do Vouga

Zeppelin do Vouga

sold after the auction
Zigue-Zague do Vouga

Xadrez (SS)