Mito Lusitano
Breeder: Manuel Braga/
Sociedade das Silveiras(SS)
Owner: Coudelaria Mito Lusitano

Tag 19
Vivaldi (SS)
DOB: 21/Mar/2002
Height: 1.61m / 15.3¼h

Nordeste SS
Dam: Musa SS

Bred by Manuel Braga (Sociedade das Silveiras) in Portugal. This excellent mover shows a great capacity for all equestrian disciplines and an excellent pedigree.

Trainer’s opinion: Vivaldi is a lovely horse of a type that is so hard to find. Classic Lusitano beauty and 3 good gaits makes him suitable for dressage but his very docile temperament makes him a perfect all around pleasure horse to be enjoyed by every member of the family. Very smooth to sit to and quick to learn, Vivaldi is a perfect choice for a novice rider with the help of a trainer so he can continue to learn, as all young horses require.

Veterinarians to be consulted: Dr. Irineu Palmeira (BRA) and Dr. Sheila Lyons (USA)

Photo by Johnny

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