Breeder & Owner:
Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

Tag 24
Xaparro do Vouga
DOB: 07/oct/2002
Height: 1.65m / 16.1h

Sire: Marfim do Top
Dam: Lagarticha do Top

Trainer’s opinion: You will not find a dressage prospect as outstanding as Xaparro for sale very often. This horse has it all. A clean walk with a 3 hoof print overtrack; floating trot with amazing extensions and shoulder movement and a natural passage; and a clean and well balanced canter. This easy going but powerful horse is as kind in the stall as he is to ride. He learns quickly and trains without resistance. Xaparro deserves a partner who can help him to progress and achieve his full potential as a serious dressage competition horse. His wonderful temperament recommends him to even novice riders with the help of a professional trainer who can offer this strikingly beautiful horse the education he craves.

Veterinarians to be consulted: Dr. Irineu Palmeira (BRA) and Dr. Sheila Lyons (USA)

Xaparro do Vouga Marfim do TOP Ocioso do TOP Afiançado de Flandes (CQF)
Urzelina (DO)
Nevada do TOP Quadrado do TOP
Joaçaba do TOP
Lagarticha do Top Quadrado do TOP Dardo II (MV)
Jacarina (FR)
Frenética do Top Babel (OC)
Broquelia do Top