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Abastado Interagro

Sounds like: Ah bas TUH do

Sire: Quilate Interagro
Dam: Sabina Interagro
REG: 4024-MN
Colour: Grey
DOB: 13/sep/2004
Height: 1.65 m / 16.1 h

Sire: Quilate Interagro

Dam: Sabina Interagro
The Dam, Sabina Interagro [Noblíssimo Interagro x Malga (MAC)] is a reliable brood mare with an Interagro progeny of four still young horses. Sabina transmits Noblíssimo’s superior gaits to her offspring and for that reason was always mated to stallions with great dressage potential like Quilate Interagro, a son of Legendário do Mirante, one of the best sons of the famous Novilheiro (MV), the Lusitano horse that became European Jumping Champion under the British rider, John Whitaker. Sabina’s dam, Malga (MAC) from the Coimbra stud-farm in Portugal is the mother of Zero Interagro, sold in the 2009 Collection. The crossing of the Firme (SA) line of Novilheiro, with the Quina (CI) lineage of Xique Xique has been very successful and for that reason constantly repeated in the Interagro genetic program, an assumption confirmed by the trainer’s comments. In this particular case, we have a pedigree which combines these two lineages with an extra contribution brought in by the famous Cigana (MLC), who also descends from Firme (SA).

Interagro Dam’s progeny:
Xinha Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 25/jul/2002
Begônia Interagro by Profano Interagro on 26/aug/2005
Cassiopéia Interagro by Tufão Interagro on 07/dec/2006
Desdemona Interagro by Ofensor (MV) on 27/Nov/2007
Epidauro Interagro by Ofensor (MV) on 13/Nov/2008

Trainer’s opinion:
Abastado Interagro is a proven dressage horse. Trained and ridden by Interagro’s head trainer, Abastado Interagro has the size, training, big gaits and pedigree that make him uniquely attractive to buyers. His gaits are comfortable and show great talent for collection, and his canter already shows ease for changes. A handsome stallion with tons of mane and tail, lovely bone and big feet, Abastado has a calm, trusting temperament. Extremely responsive to his rider, he can be urged to relax or pick up the tempo. Kind and generous to his trainer, he adjusts well to what is being asked of him. Along with these wonderful qualities, he brings tremendous talent and seriousness that make him satisfying to train. As a result, he will be well-suited for many rider types. A great grandson of the outstanding stallion, Novilheiro, Abastado has a solid pedigree and excellent abilities. He is sure to be a star in this year’s Collection!

Photo: Tupa


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Approved as Stallion by the ABPSL

Abastado Interagro

Quilate Interagro Legendário do Mirante Novilheiro (MV)
Ulisséia (RC)
Haste (SA) Yacht (SA)
Zagaia (SA)
Sabina Interagro Noblíssimo Interagro Xique-Xique (CI)
Cigana III (MLC)
Malga (MAC) Eldorado (MV)
Heroína (MAC)