Breeder: Interagro

Tag: 9

Sounds like: alfe-nay-tee

DOB: 19-sep-2004
Colour: Black
Height: 1,59m / 15.1 3/4h
REG: 4028-MN

Sire: Rocinante Interagro
Dam: Tafetá Interagro

Sire: Rocinante Interagro

Dam: Tafetá Interagro [Visqueiro (CI) x Escolhida (RC)] is a Young mare having already an offspring of five excellent individuals. Her dam a Escolhida (RC), imported from Coudelaria Raposo Cordeiro is also the dam of Quantum Interagro [Danúbio (MV)].

Interagro Dam’s progeny
Zagreu Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 04-set-2003
Black Magic Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 23-aug-2005
Creusa Interagro by Quixote Interagro on 08-sep-2006
Descarada Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on11-aug-2007
Embusteiro Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 13-jul-2008

About Alfinete:
Alfinete Interagro is a stunning and proud black stallion with a beautiful expression. He has a naturally balanced canter with a great clear rhythm. An experienced rider will enjoy achieving flying changes in his canter. His natural suspension is superb, which adds an extraordinary quality to Alfinete’s trot and canter.  An extremely graceful and elastic horse to ride, he is a very comfortable mount. Although it is fairly easy to keep him focused on his work in the ring, he may need a more experienced rider when ridden out on the hack.  Alfinete Interagro has the gaits and presence to be a winner in the show ring.  His deep black color, full mane and tail, friendly character and bounding gaits are sure to steal someone’s heart!

Photo: Tupa

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Approved as Stallion by the ABPSL

Alfinete Interagro

Rocinante Interagro Distinto (MAC) Zangado (MAC)
Obrigada (MAC)
Cigana III (MLC) Maravilha (MV)
Odalisca (MMV)
Tafetá Interagro Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI)
Nieta (CI)
Escolhida (RC) Venturoso III (MV)
Xinesa (RC)