Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

Tag: 26

Sounds like: A’hhss

DOB: 24-oct-2004
Colour: Grey
Height: 1,63 m / 16,0h
REG: 3776-MN

Sire: Oceano (MV)
Moréia (SA)

Sire: Oceano (MV)

Dam: Moréia (SA) is daughter of Urco (SA) by Martini (SA) with Fataca (SA) by Trovador II (MV). She already produced sport horses as Xis do Vouga, exported to USA on the 2006 Collection and horses awarded at Exhibitions, as Valiosa do Vouga, that won 1st place gold medal at the XXII and XXIV International Lusitano Exhibition in 2003 and 2005. In 2008 Valiosa was 3rd place gold medal on the XXVII International Lusitano Exhibition.

Az Dam’s Progeny
Oceania do Retiro, by Dardo II (MV), 10/Aug/1994
Predileto do Retiro, by Dardo II (MV) , 04/Nov/1995
Quebra Noz do Retiro, by Distinto (MAC), 14/Nov/1996
Suprema do Retiro, by Dardo II (MV), 01/Dec/1998
Tritao do Retiro, by  Amsterda RT (BRP) , 22/Dec/1999
Ula-Ula do Retiro, by Nobel do Retiro (BEF), 17/Dec/2000
Valiosa do Vouga, by Nobel do Retiro (BEF), 18/Dec/2001
Xis do Vouga, by Principal do Retiro (BEF), 06/Dec/2002 (sold at The 2006 Lusitano Collection)
Bagunceira do Vouga, by Oceano (MV), 09/Jan/2006
Caro do Vouga, by Toleirão da Brôa, 22/Dec/2006

About Az:
Az do Vouga brings excellent mobility and movements and a willing character from his Veiga lineage and loyalty, concentration, power and strength from his Andrade lineage. What a promising combination for a sport horse! Built with superior athletic conformation, Az has three correct gaits and is a pleasure to ride. He requires only light hands and legs to deliver a free, natural walk and a rhythmical, balanced trot. Throughout, he moves with balance, suspension and power. An easy horse to start, Az do Vouga is perfect for an amateur or experienced rider who appreciates such fine talent and breeding.

Photo: Tupa

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Approved as Stallion by the ABPSL

Az do Vouga

Oceano (MV) Danúbio III (MV) Zimbro II (MV)
Oferta (MV)
Redonda II (MV) Lidador II (MV)
Xara (MV)
Moréia (SA) Urco (SA) Martini (SA)
Jangada (SA)
Fataca (SA) Trovador II (MV)
Xaputa (CS)