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Belisário Interagro

Sounds like: bay lee ZAH rio

Sire: Quixote Interagro
Dam: Urzelina Interagro
REG: 4570-MN
Colour: Grey
DOB: 27/sep/2005
Height: 1,59m / 15.2 ½h

Sire: Quixote Interagro

Dam: Urzelina Interagro
Belisário’s dam, Urzelina Interagro [Visqueiro (CI) x Orquesta (MV)] is one of the best Interagro brood mares, having so far, a progeny of four. Her sire, Visqueiro (CI), a full brother of Xique Xique (CI) was a very important stallion and his bio can be found in our Website. Urzelina’s dam, Orquesta (MV) [Danúbio II (MV) x Saltadora II (MV)] one of the exceptional mares ceded to Interagro by Manuel Veiga, is a top brood mare and participates – together with her brothers Ofensor (MV) and Quixote Interagro and several sisters- in the introduction of Danúbio (MV)’s blood into the Interagro Horses. Complete biographies of Danúbio and his sons can be found in the book “The Lusitano Horse – Basic Lineages,” but the brief summary above is enough to give an idea of the importance of these fantastic stallions in the Interagro lineage and in the Lusitano breed as a whole. Belisário Interagro and his half-brother Barcida Interagro are two once-in-a-time chances to obtain the best the Lusitano breed can offer in genealogy.

Interagro Dam’s progeny
Alfaia Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 13/Aug/2004
Carteiro Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 29/Jan/2006
Desordeiro Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 03/Oct/2007
Embargador Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) on 22/Aug/2008

Trainer’s opinion
Belisário Interagro may remind you of his half brother, Barcida Interagro, because of his color, build, and beauty. Their father, Quixote Interagro, passed on his beauty, gaits and shimmering white color. The two stallions even share some personality traits, like their big hearts and joy for life. Both boys will call to you when you enter the stable as they compete to be the first one chosen to ride; however, Belisário Interagro is calmer and easier to ride. Belisário loves to jump and may easily progress in this discipline. This stallion has a wonderful walk, is very elastic and manages different trots and produces a smooth canter. When ridden correctly over his back, he looks like a graceful cat doing a very expressive, cadenced trot. A forward-moving, light horse, he makes the rider feels as though he’s floating. Hacking out in groups or alone, Belisário exhibits very little stallion behavior other than calling to a few mares. Belisário Interagro is a kind, talented athlete with solid gaits and tremendous potential to be a competitor in dressage, jumping or both!

Photo: Davi Carrano

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Approved as Stallion by the ABPSL

Belisário Interagro

Quixote Interagro Danúbio III (MV) Zimbro II (MV)
Oferta (MV)
Dançarina II (RC) Venturoso III (MV)
Xinesa (RC)
Urzelina Interagro Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI)
Nieta (CI)
Orquestra (MV) Danúbio III (MV)
Saltadora II (MV)