Breeder & Owner:
Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

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Brincalhona do Vouga

Phonetic Transcription: [br’iŋka:lo:nƏ]
Sounds like: brink ah LEONA

Sire: Quartzo (RC)
Dam: Olímpia do TOP
Colour: Grey
Height: 1,63m / 16.0 1/4h
DOB: 27/dec/2005
REG: 5191-FN

Breeding & pedigree information:
This sweet and beautiful young mare is the daughter of Oceano (MV), the purebred Lusitano Champion of Champions in 2006 and the Portuguese breeder Manuel Veiga’s chief stallion until the horse died in 2009. Brincalhona’s mother, Olímpia do Top, also produced Xamado do Vouga, who was sold at the 2006 Collection.

Rocas do Vouga Dam’s progeny:
2001 - Varina do Vouga by Oeste (CFR)
2002 - Xamado do Vouga by Quartzo (RC) – Sold at The 2006 Lusitano Collection
2003 - Zinco do Vouga by Quartzo (RC)
2008 - Effusive do Vouga by Violino (SS)

Trainer´s opinion:
Brincalhona is a sweet, young mare with plenty of energy and a lovely disposition. With a good aptitude for dressage competitions, she will fit well with anyone looking for a loyal and willing mount. She would also be a good choice as a breeding mare to produce sport horses.

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Brincalhona do Vouga

Quartzo (RC) Jaguar (FBC) Danúbio III (MV)
Filoxera (MP)
Saloia II (MV) Nilo (MV)
Guerrita (MV)
Olimpia do TOP Campino (OGC) Maravilha (MV)
Quedina (OGC)
Boemia (OC) Oeste (OC)
Bafurenta (OC)

Photo: Tupa

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