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Calamus Interagro

Sire: Tufão Interagro
Dam: Ufania Interagro
Colour: Bay
Height: 1.60 m / 15.3 h
DOB: 21/sep/2006
REG: 4948-MN

Breeding & pedigree information
Detailed information about his parents can be obtained at the pedigree´s links below. His sire, Tufão Interagro, a gorgeous golden-buckskin stallion who was briefly shown in Florida in 2006, died in 2010. Tufão Interagro finished 1st in the Brazilian ranking for 4th level in 2008 and was the São Paulo State FEI Junior Champion in 2009. Tufão Interagro left a progeny of 71 extraordinary sons and daughters, including Alvarinho and Alfacinha both sold at the 2010 and 2009 Collections, respectively. The dam, Ufânia Interagro, by Visqueiro (CI) has, so far, had an Interagro progeny of five. Calamus’ pedigree is very similar to Chaos Interagro’s, both being the result of the crossing of two of the more successful functional lines of the Lusitano breed.

Interagro Dam’s progeny:
2005 – Bravo Interagro by Quínio Interagro
2007 – Dracena Interagro by Richebourg Interagro
2008 – Ecólogo Interagro by Richebourg Interagro
2009 – Flaminios Interagro by Quinárius Interagro

Trainer’s Opinion by Heather Bender
Calamus Interagro has a strong build with a masculine look and well-muscled, proportioned body. His coat has an iridescent quality of red in his bay color and an added extra, beautiful white matching hind socks which really add to his fancy look. Calamus Interagro is already standing 15’3. This kind uncomplicated stallion is already demonstrating balance, agile coordination and class. He is proud and loves to work. Calamus Interagro is a confident, social guy, which absolutely comes from his father’s side of the family tree. Calamus Interagro is an intelligent, curious, and likes to focus on his work. He gives his rider the feeling of being consistent and eager to work. He is comfortable to ride with a good canter and correct walk. He is a lovely combination of the best qualities of his amazing father Tufão Interagro, who always showed that if you wanted to get a better feeling from him in the trot, you would be better working the canter early and going back to the trot. Calamus Interagro also has this characteristic. Calamus Interagro will be well suited for many riders who want beauty and personality along with a horse that is comfortable and fun to ride!

Click on the links at the pedigree below to know more about the ancestors

Calamus Interagro

Tufão Interagro Nicola (MAC) Hábil (MV)
Heroína (MAC)
Cyclope (SA) Vidago (SA)
Cybeles (SA)
Ufania Interagro Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI)
Nieta (CI)
Latina (JNU) Cantor (BN)
Agualva (JNU)

Photo: Tupa