Interagro Soberba Interagro

Sire: Legendário do Mirante
Dam: Jutlândia
Colour: Bay
DOB: 27/july/1998
Height: 1,56m

This is the only adult mare in the Collection. Her father is Legendário do Mirante, one of the best sons of Novilheiro (MV). Her mother, Jutlandia (SA), is one of Interagro’s best broodmares, having so far produced three Champions: Margaux Interagro; Templário Interagro; and Quinarius Interagro, the latter – by Xique Xique (CI) – won the important title of Brazilian International Grand Champion, and presently is one of the official stallions at Interagro. Soberba has produced two offspring: Ximango Interagro (by Nicola (MAC)) and Zeta Interagro (by Rocinante Interagro) and is in foal by Noblissimo Interagro, one of the most important sons of Xique Xique (CI). Soberba is one very good representative of the Firme (SA)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage and based on her two excellent offspring is a tested brood-mare that can really contribute to the quality of any Lusitano breeding establishment in the world.

Photo: Interagro File

SOBERBA INTERAGRO Legendário do Mirante Novilheiro (MV) Firme (SA) Príncipe VIII (FCN)
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Guerrita (MV) Bailador (MV)
Toleirona (MV)
Ulisseia (RC) Palpite (MV) Bailador (MV)
Xinita (MV)
Tabanca (SA) Eneias (RA)
Campina (SA)
Jutlândia (SA) Urco (SA) Martini (SA) Príncipe VIII
Jangada Príncipe VIII
Warendorf (SA) Fenício Napolitano III
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