Rocas do Vouga Sol do Vouga

DOB: 07/nov/2001
Height: 1.63 / 16.0 h
Sire:Marfim do Top
Ramada do Top

Another young, handsome, tall three year-old stallion under saddle. About the father Marfim do Top - see text on Afiançado de Flandes in the Stallion Gallery. The mother Ramada do Top is by Xelim (FV) a stallion from Francisco Lobo de Vasconcellos with Lagarticha do Top, the mother of Nicotina do Top, twice Great Champion in Brazil. Nicotina do Top was exported to the U.S. Ramada do Top’s family is the best of CN’s bloodline, descending from Quadrado (CN) a son of Destinado (DH) and Hucharia (CN), both included into the select list of only six “Head of Lineage” of the Lusitano breed recognized by the Portuguese Stud Book. Ramada do Top offspring: Sapateira do Vouga and Tinto do Vouga, both with Nero (CF); Querida do Vouga and Zilda TS both with Quartzo (RC); Virtuoso do Vouga with Marfim do Top; Uva do Vouga, with Oeste (CF).

Trainer's opinion:
Rider: Luiza Almeida – 13 yrs old daughter – (Luiza)

This is one of the kindest and easiest horses to ride in the collection. At his first dressage show he got a score of 70% with his 13 year old rider. He shows a super talent for an amateur or junior dressage horse. This horse is a horse that a rider can really enjoy owning! He is very dependable in the ring and on the trail.



Dressage Results

XXIV Exposição Internacional Cavalo Lusitano
São Paulo  - Brazil - 20  May 2005

1st. test of this horse, his debut" 12th. Place - 32 entries
Judge in C 61.667 %
Judge in H 66.667 %
Judge in M 57.917 %
Total 62.083 %

São Paulo  - Brazil - 03 to 05 June 2005

2nd test of this horse 8th place - 13 entries
04/06 - Judge in C 70.833 %
04/06 - Judge in H 63.750 %
Total 67.292 %
2nd test of this horse 6th place - 13 entries
05/06 - Judge in C 70.000 %
05/06 - Judge in H 62.692 %
Total 66.346 %
Final Score 66.820  %
9th. Place - 13 entries
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