Interagro Umbar Interagro

Dam: Formosa do Mirante
DOB: August 02, 2000
Colour: Grey
Height: 1,59m 15.2 1/2 h

Please read the text about his father, Olorin Interagro in the Stallion Gallery. The mother Formosa do Mirante is the first daughter of Biluca do Mirante, one of the founding mares at Interagro. Biluca produced several champions like Formosa, Lindir, Nagaika, Mulata and Narsil (the last three exported to the U.S.) as well as the still youngsters Toriba (now in Ecuador),and Urano Interagro, the last one with Tuim (CN), who was for many years the head-stallion of Coudelaria Nacional in Portugal. Tuim (CN) was imported into Brazil by a very special deference of the Portuguese Government to Interagro. Formosa do Mirante produced the Brazilian Champion-Mare, Kiwi do Mirante, and Nali do Mirante, the latter exported to the U.S., and a score of very athletic and exceptional offspring. With all this genetic heritage, Umbar Interagro has all the possibilities to become a very competitive horse and successful stallion. It is important to point out that by Olorin’s maternal side, Umbar Interagro descends from Rapinada (SA) – his great-great-grandmother. As mentioned in Olorin’s biography, this exceptional mare was also the mother of the famous Zamorim (SA). Certainly, the prodigious combination of all that genetic might conveyed by ancestors like Xique Xique, Rapinada and Biluca is the reason behind the extraordinary athletic qualities of this young horse. The potential power to transmit these most desirable qualities to his offspring makes of Umbar Interagro a very serious proposition as a young stallion.

Photo: Johnny

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