Interagro Universus Interagro

Sire: Visqueiro (CI)
Dam: Opera MV
Colour: Grey
DOB: 11/Nov/2000
Height: 1,59m 15.2 1/2 h

About his father, Visqueiro (CI), please read text in the Stallion Gallery. Universus Interagro is a beautiful, very typical young Lusitano horse, with a dashing presence, arrogance and ‘-spirit’ revealing, since this tender age, a very promising future stallion. Universus Intragro was born out of the marriage of the Quina stallion Visqueiro (CI) with Opera (MV),a mare with Firme (SA)’s blood bred by the Coudelaria Veiga of Portugal. Besides Universus, Opera (MV), still a young mare, has had so far four offspring: Tartesso Interagro (with Emir II (MV)); Vulagata Interagro (with Nectar (MAC)) and Xelim Interagro (with Ofensor (MV)). His pedigree shows a Lusitano bullfighting legacy duly reflected in his morphology and masculine presence. Universus is a living demonstration of the results achieved by the objective selection process conducted by Quina. Although preserving all the attributes of the typical bullfighter, Universus Interagro is at the same time a strong, well develop animal with plenty of bones and a extremely good temperament; in other words, a horse who has recuperated the athletic and physical strength of the ancient Lusitano without loosing its character and forms. Universus Interagro has all the qualities to become a first class stallion in any Lusitano breeding program in the world. With his good temperament and movements Universus Interagro can also become a top quality dressage and saddle horse.

Photo: Interagro File

UNIVERSUS INTERAGRO Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI) Estribilho (MAC) Primavera (MAC)
Rabiosa (JC)
Cigana (FRM) Guizo (MV)
Saloia (MV)
Nieta (CI) Estribilho (MAC) Primavera (MAC)
Rabiosa (JC)
Fasquia (CT) Que-Ba (MV)
Ruça (CT)
Opera (MV) Universo (MV) Bailador II (MV) Lidador II (MV)
Medronha III (MV)
Irritada(MV) Bailador (MV)
Beleza (MV
Zapatera II (MV) Nilo (MV) Firme (SA)
Abadia (MV)
Saltadora II (MV) Bailador (MV)
Xara (MV)