Mito Lusitano
Breeder: Manuel Veiga (MV)
Owner: Coudelaria Mito Lusitano

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Vento da Broa (MV)
DOB: 11/Mar/2002
Height: 1.59m / 15.2¾ h

Oceano MV
Dam: Golpada MV

Son of the dressage Champion Oceano MV, like his father he is very docile with straight, nice and perfect movements for dressage competitions.

Trainer’s opinion: Vento da Broa is the beautiful son of Oceano MV - and he has inherited his sire’s natural suitability for dressage. Oceano MV has won the top competitions in Brazil at Grand Prix level dressage and earned the Grand Champion Stallion at the 25th International Lusitano Horse Exposition in May 2006. Vento has excellent conformation and 3 correct, clean gaits. He learns quickly and has a wonderful and easygoing disposition making him suitable for any rider. Vento is very well balanced and can do single flying changes cleanly. He works happily with his rider. Vento has a promising future in dressage and his classic “Lusitano beauty” draws everyone’s attention.

Veterinarians to be consulted: Dr. Irineu Palmeira (BRA) and Dr. Sheila Lyons (USA)

Photo by Johnny


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