Rocas do Vouga Xama do Vouga

DOB: 05/nov/2002
Height: 1.53

Quartzo (RC)
Dam: Janota IV (RT)

Beautiful, young buckskin mare of a pure Veiga lineage. About the father Quartzo (RC) - see text in the Stallion Gallery. The mother Janota IV (RT), one of the most important brood mares at Coudelaria Mito Lusitano, comes from the great Portuguese family of bullfighters and Lusitano breeders, Telles Ribeiro. Janota VI (RT) is a highly in-bred mare on the Veiga stallion Traquina (MV). In fact, Janota IV (RT)’s father Uranio is a son of Traquina (MV) himself with his own daughter, Beiroa II (MV). Janota VI (RT)’s mother Xorca is by Maravilha (MV) and Broa (RT), the latter being a granddaughter of the same Traquina (MV). For sophisticated breeders, this is a very interesting highly ‘leveraged’ pedigree that will afford the breeding of one of the purest Lusitano lineages.

Trainer's opinion:

This mare is almost pure Veiga, this is a very difficult pedigree to find on the market. This mare’s father placed last year, 2nd in the South American Dressage Championships in Argentina. Her Grandfather, Danubio is the most important Veiga Stallion of modern times. He is the father Oceano and Ofensor. Oceano is the principle breeding Stallion for Rocas Do Voga and Mito Lustitano. Ofensor was the head of progeny in Portugal 2003 & 2004 and he is now here at Interagro. Danubio is also the fathr of Quixote Interagro. Quixote is the father of many Interagro horses that you can see here while you are at the farm.

Xama do Vouga Quartzo (RC) Jaguar Danúbio III
Saloia III Nilo
Janota VI (RT) Uranio Traquina
Beiroa II
Xorca Maravilha (MV)