Breeder & Owner:

Zampano Interagro
Sounds Like:  Zăum pă' nō


DOB: 07/Dec/2003
Colour: Buckskin
Height: 1.63m / 16.0h
Reg. # 3995 - MN

Sire: Nicola (MAC)
Dam: Naranja do Mirante

Beautiful and functional buckskin young horse with excellent pedigree. Both parents, Nicola (MAC) and Naranja Interagro have an excellent record as sire and dam of a superior functional offspring. As can be seen in Nicola’s text he has sired two important Official Interagro Stallions: Tufão Interagro and Zurbaran Interagro among many other distinguished horses and mares. His dam, Naranja Interagro also had a very important Interagro offspring, all of them black, buckskin or bay: Ramadan and Talita Interagro, both with Emir II (MV);  Xistosa, Urupê, and  Varanja Interagro with Girofle (APP), the last one a beautiful black mare exported to the U.S.; Santeiro Interagro, with Faraó (JHC); Apache and Curupira Interagro, both with Nordeste (SS); Black Widow, with Trinco Interagro, and Zampano Interagro.  Naranja Interagro´s dam was sired by the famous Nilo (MV), one of the founding fathers of the Firme(SA)/Nilo(MV)/Novilheiro(MV) Heritage, famous for the athletic horses it produces.

Approved as a Stallion by the ABPSL – Associação Brasileira do Puro Sangue Lusitano.

Sire: Nicola (MAC)

Dam: NARANJA INTERAGRO, is an inbred mare on the famous Nilo   (MV), one of the founders of the modern Firme (SA)/Nilo(MV)/Novilheiro(MV) Lineage, which is at the basis of the Raposo Cordeiro (RC) and Interagro Lineages. Naranja ‘s dam, Espanhola (BF) is her half sister, both being daughters of Zico (MMV), a son of Nilo (MV). Naranja Interagro has, so far, a fantastic Interagro Offspring of  ten outstanding athletic individuals; one of her daughters, Varanja Interagro, was sold in the 2006 Collection and exported to the U.S.

Dam's Interagro Progeny: Ramadan and Talita Interagro [both by Emir II (MV)]; Santeiro Interagro [by Faraó (JHC)]; Urupê , Varanja and Xistosa Interagro [all three by Girofle ( APP)] Black Widow [by Trinco Interagro]; Apache and Curupira Interagro [both by Nordeste (SS)] and ZAMPANO by Nicola (MAC).

Trainer's Opinion: Zampano is another beautiful buckskin in the collection.  He has a leggy appearance with a very athletic body type.  Being the younger of the two Interagro buckskins boys, he is the younger lankier teenager next to his older ½ brother, Xazan Interagro.  Zampano has two matching hind socks that show off his active hind legs.  His trot will impress you with its expression reach and suppleness.  His body type will really appeal to the rider that appreciates a light elastic moving horse.  Zampano gives his rider a lovely feeling.  He truly has 3 good gaits and will develop even more with good training.  Zampano possesses a natural balance and is already developing a nice contact.  He is a brave, regal horse. He has a very lovely walk that can suffer if he becomes tense.  At this time because of his young hormones and lack of experience, he can become distracted by mares causing him to lose his concentration and quality of gaits.  Knowing his family lines and having a lot of experience with his brothers and father, his hormones will settle as he gets older.  Zampano is an excellent choice for the serious competitive rider.

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Zampano Interagro Nicola (MAC) Hábil (MV) Dardo II (MV)
Canela (MV)
Heroína (MAC) Distinto (MAC)
Castiça (MAC)
Naranja do Mirante Zico (MMV) Nilo (MV)
Marrafa (MMV)
Espanhola (BF) Zico (MMV)
Saltadora (EA)