Breeder & Owner:
Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

Zeppelin do Vouga

Colour: Grey
Height: 1,64m / 16,0 ½  h
Reg. # 03326 MN

Sire: Quartzo (RC)
Dam: Qualidade (LQ)

Zeppelin is a beautiful young stallion that has an athletic conformation, a strong character and an excellent bloodline for sport horses.

His movements are high quality which added to his elegance, make Zeppelin one of the main attractions of this auction.

His brothers have great functionality to sports and have a good retrospect on Exhibitions. His sister Vinha do Vouga, a wonderful palomino mare, was exported to US at the 2005 Collection.

Dam’s Progeny: Ursa HI (by Londrino 09/16/00), Vinha do Vouga (by Ribatejo LQ 10/14/01), Xarola do Vouga 11/08/02 and Zepelim do Vouga 10/18/03 both with Quartzo(RC), Agua pé do Vouga 09/30/04, Bagaceira do Vouga 09/29/05 and Carvalho do Vouga 09/19/06 these three with Oceano (MV).

Trainer's Opinion: This is a special young horse, with the talent and the character of a winner. He is very proud of himself, really self confident, and concentrates on his training to give always his best. His trot is very free and natural, his canter shows his strength, besides his cadency walk. When an experienced rider rides this horse, he will immediately recognize the sportive potential of Zeppelin. And his temperament is so great that he can easily be ridden by an amateur rider, with pleasure!

Photo: Tupa

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Zeppelin do Vouga Quartzo (RC) Jaguar (FBC) Danúbio III (MV)
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