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Agamemnon Interagro

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Sire: Ofensor (MV)
Dam: Barqueira (RC)
ReG: 4035-MN
Colour: Grey
DOB: 14/dec/2004
Height: 1,58m / 15.2 ¼h

Sire: Ofensor (MV)

Dam: Barqueira (RC)
Agamemnon’s Dam, Barqueira (RC), [Vingador (RC) x Saloia II (MV)] was imported from the Portuguese breeder Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro with the purpose of introducing the Novilheiro (MV)/Firme(SA) lineage into the Interagro horse. Saloia II (MV) is a daughter of Guerrita (MV), Novilheiro’s dam. Barqueira has an Interagro progeny of six, including Trinco Interagro who performed at the 2007 FEI® Word Cup in Las Vegas. From his sire, Ofensor (MV) – the most important Lusitano stallion alive - Agamemnon inherits the same genealogies, thus carrying a strong but balanced consanguinity with strengthened potential. When introducing these famous lineages into any breeding program, it is important to use both the paternal and the maternal side of the pedigree, according to the study of the Lusitano genealogies published by Interagro. Following this objective, Interagro has acquired excellent stallions and mares from the top and lower lines in order to assure the full contribution of the desired genealogies in the development of the Interagro lineage. Agamemnon is a perfect example of this achievement. Along with the qualities listed in the trainer’s opinion below, Agamemnon is a promising young stallion with one of the best pedigrees in the modern Lusitano. Because of Agamemnon’s exemplary pedigree, Interagro included him as one of the stallions in the 2008 and 2009 breeding program where he produced two sons. This is a unique opportunity to acquire such an exceptional horse.

Interagro Dam’s progeny:
Trinco Interagro by Gavião (RC) on 01/Feb/2000 (Sold at The 2005 Lusitano Collection)
Vidigueira Interagro by Legendário do Mirante on 22/Sep/2001
Xarqueira Interagro by Legendário do Mirante on 19/Oct/2002
Zangado Interagro by Ofensor (MV) on 17/Nov/2003
Calígula Interagro by Quínio Interagro on 24/Oct/2006
Dorotéia Interagro by Ofensor (MV) on 20/Oct/2007
Explorador Interagro by Ofensor (MV) on 05/Oct/2008

Trainer’s opinion:
Agamemnon Interagro, a powerful, elegant and exciting horse to watch, is a pure Veiga stallion -- the ultimate combination of bullfighting horse and competition dressage horse. This beautiful, young horse already has the qualities of a champion and the presence of a king! Agamemnon Interagro’s energy and charisma make him seem much bigger than he measures. His ability to collect is a given as his physique is built for engagement and carry power. He also has the ability to extend; he demonstrates his pushing power while lengthening his stride. Agamemnon Interagro is a stallion who will give his rider the feeling of hot power. He will be best for a very experienced rider or professional who enjoys a hot expressive horse and one that works best with subtle aids. His rider will need to be quiet, patient and calm. Like many Ofensor (MV) stallions Interagro has sold before, he will need more attention spent on developing the elasticity for the cadenced trot required at top level dressage. His gift to his trainer will be the FEI® three “P’s” --pirouettes, passage and piaffe! Agamemnon Interagro’s mother, Barqueira (RC), is the mother of Trinco Interagro (lincar) who performed at the 2007 FEI® World Cup in Las Vegas. His famous father, Ofensor (MV), is considered one of the best Lusitano stallions of the present generation. Along with many other accomplishments, Ofensor was awarded the title of “Best Head of Progeny” at the 2003 Lisbon International Show. Ofensor has produced many beautiful and successful horses in Portugal and Brazil. He has demonstrated, beyond any doubt, through his offspring, that he is one of the best Lusitano sires of all times. Agamemnon Interagro is a fantastic representative of the 2010 Collection.

Photo: Tupa


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Approved as Stallion by the ABPSL

Agamemnon Interagro

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