Horse Transportation

The Lusitano Collection together with Lazcar International shipping company coordinated and handled the shipping of all out of state horses, meaning all horses whose final destination after the sale was outside the State of Florida.

Lazcar International shipping company representative was present on the night of the auction to provide purchasers with an estimated cost of the transportation depending on their final out of state destination and other possible horses going to that specific destination.

Purchasers who kept their horses within the State of Florida were able to choose to use the services of Lazcar International for the transportation of the horse and/or make their own transportation arrangements with a carrier of their choice.

Insurance Coverage after Horse Sale:

As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, title and risk of loss passed to the Purchaser at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, at which time Purchaser was responsible for the care, custody, control and security for the horse and for all expenses relating thereto regardless of where they are kept after fall of the hammer.

Taking this into consideration and as a courtesy to our Purchasers, Jane Flanders of Windridge Ltd. insurance company will be present on the night of the auction to provide Purchasers with insurance quotes/coverage for newly purchased horses. For more information on Ms. Flanders please visit Insurance or

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